Vitalsox- Court Sports Performance “Secret” Socks


Vitalsox Sports Ped Socks provide support and protection for active feet by decreasing friction and sheilding your feet from impact. Silver Drystat ions provide superior moisture-wicking ability and anti-bacterial properties. Flat knit extra smooth seams along with forefoot cushioning and a breathable design keep you comfortable. Blister protection, elasticized arch, and ankle support protect your feet. Snug, wrinkle-free fit.

Vitalsox- Patented graduated real compression socks Silver Drysat


Vitalsox- Lightweight Compression Calf Sleeves

75% Silver Drystat 15% Lycra 10% Nylon.
Designed and tested by tri-athletes that need one garment for three sport disciplines.

Vitalsox- Low Cut Light Weight Performance Running Socks Blk


The ultra-light weight Vitalsox® Running socks are especially designed to meet the athletes’ need for foot protection but at the same time a bare-foot feeling. Compression starting at mid-foot.Arch and plantar support.The engineered elasticized arch support and ankle brace, combine with a ventilation diamond pique knit, to ensure a wrinkle free, snug fit. The ultra thin toe seam construction, superior ventilation, wicking and drying capabilities, provide the protective interface between footwear and foot that prevents friction, blistering and heat produced by friction. Suitable for the runner or triathlete who wants moisture management, comfort and support.

Vitalsox- Ladies Patented Compression socks “Race day”


If you are looking for the best value in a compression sock, look no further than Vitalsox. Compare the materials, exclusive technical fibers called silver dry Stat, infused with silver to stop the growth of bacteria, fungus and excess moisture. The moisture is Wicked away from your skin and spread out to evaporate which helps reduce blisters and clammy feet. Not just compression, graduated compression starting at mid foot, providing support to your arch and plantar ligaments while reducing black blood pooling and general swelling. During activity, Vitalsox are shown to reduce injuries, cramps and pulled muscles and improving performance through lower exertion and faster times.


Vitalsox- Running Ghost Light weight socks R



  • Ergonomically designed true left & right
  • Silverdrystat
  • Promotes faster receovery
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Improves oxygen delivery to muscles
  • Reduced Lactic Acid production
  • Proven cramp relief

Vitalsox- Recovery TRUE Graduated Compression Socks KKI


Perform better, recover faster. Based on research conducted in medicine and athletics, this new, patented, industry-leading concept of health for your feet helps us create products that perform both during and after any activity.

The use of compression socks produces a major fluid shift improving venous blood return to the heart, allowing for better cardiac output thereby aiding oxygen delivery to working muscles. As a result, increased endurance and better performance are obtained during any sport activity.

Our graduated compression socks are designed to stimulate circulation in those areas where gravity has a greater effect on blood return, such as feet and lower legs. That is why this item is a must for every runner, after hard training and race to speed up recovery. Let them work for you even while you sleep.

Vitalsox- Lightweight compression arm warmer


The Vitalsox Arm Warmer features a lightweight compression design to keep you comfortable while keeping you warm. 75% Polypropyline retains warmth and resists moisture. Fabric is infused with Silver Drystat ions for superior moisture-wicking ability and anti-bacterial properties. It is light weight and allows you to stay comfortably warm whether you are out biking or running! Unisex.

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