Vitalsox- Ladies Patented Compression socks “Race day”


If you are looking for the best value in a compression sock, look no further than Vitalsox. Compare the materials, exclusive technical fibers called silver dry Stat, infused with silver to stop the growth of bacteria, fungus and excess moisture. The moisture is Wicked away from your skin and spread out to evaporate which helps reduce blisters and clammy feet. Not just compression, graduated compression starting at mid foot, providing support to your arch and plantar ligaments while reducing black blood pooling and general swelling. During activity, Vitalsox are shown to reduce injuries, cramps and pulled muscles and improving performance through lower exertion and faster times.

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  • VITALSOX EXCLUSIVE SILVER DRYSTAT- Vitalsox technical performance material designed using Quick Drying Polypropylene infused with Silver to resist and stop the growth of bacteria and fungus while it repels odor from the socks.
  • THE ONLY PATENTED COMPRESSION- How is it different, it is Graduated Starting at the mid foot for plantar ligament an arch support, our compression is tested individually during manufacturing to the ideal range for MAXIMUM circulation increase. The feet are the furthest point from your heart by increasing fresh oxygenated blood to your damaged tissues by up to 40% FASTER recovery time and athletic performance is enhanced. Maximum Circulation.
  • BEST COMPRESSION RANGE, Vitalsox uses compression for maximum circulation and comfort. This IDEAL range is the most beneficial for Running, Crossfit, Walkers, Maternity, Vein Support, Marathons, Sports, Gym, Yoga, Spartan, Standing, Working, Sitting, or Sleeping, Always Increasing Stamina and Faster Recovery.
  • 4 WAY STRETCH- Try it -pull both directions, if it is shorter in one direction that is only 2 Way Stretch. our socks stretch in both directions for consistent compression throughout the entire sock. If they are too long, just grab both sides of your calves and slide them down to just below your knee. Each pair is WASHED in a “chemical free” fabric softener with a fresh scent making our socks “Ready to Wear” right out of the box.


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