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Perform better, recover faster. Based on research conducted in medicine and athletics, this new, patented, industry-leading concept of health for your feet helps us create products that perform both during and after any activity.

The use of compression socks produces a major fluid shift improving venous blood return to the heart, allowing for better cardiac output thereby aiding oxygen delivery to working muscles. As a result, increased endurance and better performance are obtained during any sport activity.

Our graduated compression socks are designed to stimulate circulation in those areas where gravity has a greater effect on blood return, such as feet and lower legs. That is why this item is a must for every runner, after hard training and race to speed up recovery. Let them work for you even while you sleep.

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  • 75% DryStat 15% Spandex 10% Nylon.
  • SILVER DRYSTAT infused with Silver, Polypropylene (naturally bacteria resistant, 100% recyclable) Odor happens when bacteria contacts sweat, by stopping bacteria from growing and wicking moisture the socks will remain odor free.
  • COMPARE COMPRESSION SOCKS- Vitalsox use the IDEAL compression range for the highest circulation.
  • 4 WAY STRETCH- Most socks are 2 Way Stretch. our socks stretch in both directions for consistent compression throughout the entire sock. EACH PAIR is WASHED in a “chemical free” fabric softener making Vitalsox socks “Ready to Wear” right now.
  • TRUE SIZED FOR BEST FIT- Individual sizes are the only way to get perfect fit. Recovery Socks use a true performance compression, If they are TOO LONG, just grab both sides of your calves and slide them down to just below your knee.
SIZE CHART Extra small Small Medium Large Extra large
UK Women’s Women’s 1-2.5 3-5 5.5-8 8.5-10.5 N/a
UK Men’s 4-5.5 6-8.5 9-11 11-14

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